How can it be

Defiant Doubtful Thomas

Asks a question

And expected no lies

Where are you God

Are you hiding in the skies

I ask for proof of you

To my own eyes

I’m not blind

I can see pain

Pouring in

Like black rain

With all the facts

Can’t help but ask

About the status of our world today

Hey you up there I’m praying for a sign to come our way

Defiant doubtful Thomas

Stares out the window

Into the Sun

His eyes will not burn

Defiance has made him the one

Thomas believes only what he sees

Today Thomas spoke to me

Why does God create

Why doesn’t he mediate

Evil should dissipate

Along with hate

As the hour goes away

What shall Thomas do

Afterall everything must

Mean something too

What about the Sun

Are you THE ONE

Tell it like it is

I’m not in the psychic biz

Defiant Doubtful Thomas speaks

But all his words are nonsense

And all his clues are helpless

He speaks of birds and flowers

He’ll speak of all except the hour

Blind faith is the key

Talk to me