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In these fast times, the one thing people yearn for is living a happy and contented life. However, the more times advance, the more people seem to be faced with challenges and unable to find true happiness. Many people may have all the luxuries that money can buy but still have that uncertain feeling of fulfillment and what’s to come next.

There is an old saying that happiness is not in the material things but in yourself, your family, your emotions, and your connection with your Creator. Most people live in false hopes that a particular person may help them in times of need but often end up disappointed.

The key to contentment is seeking God’s salvation, as He is the Creator of the world and controls everything. The truth is, in these fast times, people like to care about themselves more than anything, no matter how much friendly they may appear to you.

The best thing is returning to the teachings and values of your religion and seeing how faith blessed Jesus Christ. A good number of people may not be devout Christians, but there is always time to come to the right path through spiritual diligence and decisiveness.

The True Meaning of Redemption and Assurance of Salvation

One word that carries immense significance in Christian culture is ‘redemption,’ and there is no joy bigger than the joy of salvation. You may have come across the famous proverb ‘to err is human, to forgive divine. The message is that we all make mistakes, some big, some small, but have to accept them and ask for repentance.

In retrospect, you may have committed different sins and wish you could turn back time and fix them, but you have to move forward. The crucial aspect is not thinking that it is the end of the world and there is no hope left. Waiting for forgiveness from others will always leave you uncertain and anxious, and one that most never comes.

The universal truth is we sin and make mistakes even no matter how hard we try to avoid them. One common reason people commit sins is not knowing what is written in the Bible and other Holy Scriptures.

There are dozens of sins and mistakes that people can fall into, and one such is becoming a drug addict, which just affects the physical, moral, and social fabric of one’s life. At first, the adrenaline rush and feelings of elation may seem nice after taking drugs, but soon, the more you fall into it, the more it will impact your health and life.

Many drug addicts may turn away from religion even when wanting to recover their health but reconnecting to God is the missing piece of the puzzle. Prayer is one solution for drug addicts and a seeking that leads to salvation. The main goal is to help individuals know there is hope for forgiveness and prevent them from relapsing.

Life can be difficult for most people, and many think the pain and suffering will never end. The one thing that people look for is an ‘assurance’ or safety blanket. However, the one question you may have is

What is Assurance?

In simple words, ‘assurance’ is a state or mindset where you are certain that some things will come true. In Christianity, assurance is given from God to people who remain steadfast in testing times and ask for His Forgiveness.

Throughout history, thousands of people have struggled no matter the troubles and challenges only because they knew about ‘Assurance of Salvation.’ You must always seek God’s assurance in the things you do, and it will surely help you in your spiritual growth.

The objective is to live your life without any wonder or worry about how things will work or fall apart. It is God who provides and promises Assurance of Salvation to those who live their lives according to God’s word in the Bible and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Good inspirational books for drug addicts’ recovery are full of phrases such as ‘You are important, ‘You are going to feel better again,’ and there is always someone who will take your hand. The books usually are full of real-life examples to help inspire people to change their lifestyles and behavior. Many books have sayings from the Bible to provide comfort and strength to drug addicts who have lost hope.

Final Thoughts

Our past sins and mistakes catch up with us sooner than we may expect them. Many people may lack assurance, so they never get a chance to redeem themselves. However, the good news is that there is Eternal life which is an assurance from God to those who want to change and repent for their mistakes. No matter the sin, prayer and following the teachings will help you get the assurance of salvation you seek.

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